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Create customized news channels to receive updates on various diseases in Slack. Share and discuss the news that interest you with your team. All within Slack.

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We follow the pharmaceutical industry so our customers can lead it. Since 2004, Larvol has been providing comprehensive market intelligence to the most prominent pharmaceutical companies in the world. Larvol’s customized competitive intelligence reports and SaaS solutions give customers the insight they need to remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.
The Larvol app for Slack delivers news in the pharmaceutical/healthcare space. The app pushes news to a channel for the selected diseases in real time to keep you ahead of the competition. Review detailed news for each product in your area of interest right from Slack.

How it works

With very simple commands you can choose what reports you want to subscribe to, and we take care of the rest.
Slacks commands :

  • 1. /larvol help - View the list of available Slack commands.
  • 2. /larvol diseases - Lists diseases you can follow.
  • 3. /larvol subscribe [disease_number] - Subscribe to a disease by selecting the number for the corresponding disease.
  • 4. /larvol unsubscribe [disease_number] - - Unsubscribe to a disease by selecting the number for the corresponding disease.
  • 5. /larvol subscriptions - Lists diseases you are currently following.

Get started

1. Click on the "add to slack" button

2. Select a channel

3. Type /larvol help in a channel for more information

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